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Emily K. Dalton is an adept interdisciplinary professional conducting applied research that resonates beyond silos. Due to her educational background and experience across industries, Emily has established herself as an individual competitive across sectors. Always in pursuit of the next challenge, she has acquired varying skills throughout her work beyond those expected of a standard academic. 


Prior to pursuing a Masters Degree in Public Health at Cornell University, Emily served as a federally funded researcher for the McNair Scholars Program. While at St. Edward's University, her research on standardizing sustainability and the operations of international NGOs resulted in two publications. 


Eager to expand her knowledge, she went on to become an Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Scholar after completing a set number of courses outside her degree and presenting an extensive thesis over tech and textile waste management. 

Redefining the term "scholar," Emily is not only a formally trained researcher, but she is also a self-taught UX Researcher, Marketing Strategist, Web Developer, and Designer. Additionally, Emily dabbles in professional portrait/projection photography, music production, and repairing vintage electronics. 

As an innate writer, with an equal STEM and policy background, she can easily transition between communicating with general or specialized audiences. She recently joined the writers' panel at Scifutures and is co-authoring a science fiction novel with a noted columnist/author.  

Emily's scholarly and digital publications typically focus on environmental and geopolitical turbulence. Through the application of interdisciplinary design methods, market research, and environmental sociology, she explores population-level perceptions to provide informed as well as culturally relevant insight into tech, ecology, and science policy.


Ultimately, Emily aims to stimulate diversity in thought by advancing emerging technologies, adopting market-driven sustainability strategies, and ultimately, the inclusion of new ideologies for entities across the board. Through these services, she advances the overall vision of clients  to meet current needs as well as explore potential futures in our evolving landscape.  

Currently, Emily is a strategist for the 2019 American Journal of Public Health Think Tank comprised of six graduate students selected across the US to work directly with the Editor in Chief. During her time with the AJPH Think Tank, she has co-authored two publications (one upcoming) for the American Journal of Public Health as well as designed and deployed a successful rebranding initiative. 


While offering services as a researcher both in the traditional and digital sense, she continues her study of digital dissonance catalyzed by collective commodification and the impact it has on ecological perceptions.

Collaboration in all forms is welcomed.

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