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MY Philosophy:

Outside of academia, we now reside in the information age a renaissance era of knowledge which not only expects but demands rapid advancements in terms of revolutionary thinking and action. 


Through dismantling the disciplines and division derivative of outdated approaches, we can syndicate research that resonates beyond the literary into reality. An alternative to the current conventional solutions offered is not only welcomed but needed to thrive -and ultimately survive in the turbulent evolving landscape of today. 

Ability to transcend the analog nature of the industrial age and immerse ourselves in the digital data-scape of the creative economy will depend on individual ability to constantly re-wire and adjust in response to shifting consumer demands as well as market dynamics. 


Through integrating interdisciplinary research which entails the creative process, we can achieve new heights of our aspirations that are lurking just below the surface. By conducting culturally relevant research that reverberates from creator to consumer, I assist clients or collaborators by ensuring they progress along with their continuously transforming consumer base. 


As a new age academic equipped with an equal background in STEM and social sciences who operates at the centrifuge of ecology, policy, and tech, I provide this customized type of competitive insight. Services rendered are on a case by case basis as they are tailored to a client's current situation, interests, and ultimate vision for the project.


As a professional with an educational background spanning disciplines along with cross-industry experience, I wear multiple hats with a focus on sustainability in tech and risk perception.  


  • APHA -American Journal of Public Health

  •  AJPH Think Tank

  • Heifer International

  • Department of Education

  • Department of Veteran Affairs

  • Goodwill Central Texas -Aftermarket

  • Cornell Dyson School of Applied Economics & Management

  • Cornell School of Hotel Administration

  • Tompkins County Health Department

  • St.Edward's University

  • ATM Gallery/ Studio

  • Etc.

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